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Kal Gill

Robert did an outstanding job helping us purchase our current home. With his guidance, we acted quickly to tie up the home before other potential buyers. Also, Robert negotiated a great price which was well below the assessed value. He also arranged for a home inspection to ensure that our most valuable purchase did not contain any costly surprises. Unfortunately, we ran into some unforseen circumstances when a sewer backup with the city caused some water to come into the house just before we were to complete. Robert was astute enough to realize that there was some new water damage. He ensured that the seller’s insurance company was contacted and an insurance claim was started. Robert has been amazing in looking after our interests by having several meetings with the insurance adjuster and many follow-up emails. He help[ed us turn misfortune into fortune as the net result of the insurance claim for us will be a brand new hardwood floor on the main floor, a new hot water tank, some new cabinetry, and painting. Besides navigating the insurance claim, Robert has been able to help us with renovations to the house. He is very knowledgeable about the construction trades and has a network of reliable sub-trade contractors. Robert has helped us make our dream home, a lakefront house in Burnaby’s best neighbourhood, a reality! Robert is an outstanding realtor. I will be using him again in the future for any of my real estate needs. I will also recommend him to all my family and friends. If you need a realtor, you won’t go wrong with having Robert as your agent. It will be one of the best decisions you ever make!

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